The Leduc Arts Foundry is a group of local artists who have been working together since January 2017 in the visioning and planning of an arts and cultural centre in Leduc. The Foundry will be a centrally located and inclusive arts collective, and will deliver authentic artistic experiences to our community with the help of passionate, community-based artisans.

To open, inspire, and ignite the hearts and minds of our community through the power of arts and culture.
— Leduc Arts Foundry Vision

This vision is accomplished by

  • Engaging, educating and inspiring all people regardless of race, age, culture, ability, ethnicity, and/or socioeconomic status

  • Enriching the community with stimulating and diverse artistic and cultural development

  • Taking an active role in our community and serving as a voice in arts education, innovation, and inspiration

  • Fostering an open and welcoming space for people to gather and experience art in all its forms


Our mission 

  • Central location: construction, implementation, and ongoing operation of an inclusive arts collaborative, to be known as the Leduc Arts Foundry

  • Professional development and training: provided by an inspiring team of skilled artisans working in an inclusive environment designed by artists, for artists in a venue that inspires collaborative creativity and culture

  • Community engagement: with a desire to reach out and positively impact our communities through active participation in the arts, Leduc Arts Foundry artisans extend and strengthen community engagement and inclusion through workshop programs, showcases, and various other events

  • Fiscal partnerships: we aim to attract new stakeholders, sponsors and clients to increase the Leduc Arts Foundry's capacity to participate in cultural, artistic, commercial, and community life

  • Community partnerships: to lead in the development and exchange of innovative projects and ideas

  • Sustainable arts environment: to foster an environment that is accessible and financially self-sustaining for the creation, presentation, participation, and enjoyment of the arts within the heart of our community

  • Innovate and inspire: through a social and cultural hub setting, deliver authentic artistic experiences to the community with the help of passionate, community based artisans, and the art community as a whole


Our values 

The Leduc Arts Foundry is an integral part of the cultural heart of the community; an energetic catalyst for a vigorous arts sector and a provider of civic pride and identity. 

  • Every community needs meaningful cultural and artistic experiences

  • Every community deserves a place to gather, where the exchange of ideas and creative experiences inspire curiosity and understanding

  • Creativity is essential in people's lives and all people have the capacity for creative exploration and expression

  • Cultivating an organization in which all staff, volunteers, and patrons are appreciated, valued, and recognized

  • Fiscal responsibility


Our role in the community

  • A centre for quality arts and educational programs

  • A producer of lasting reciprocal community relationships

  • A catalyst for artists and art organizations

  • A leader in art innovation and inspiration

  • A supporter of local artistic endeavours

  • A contributor to the economic vitality of the City of Leduc

What We've Achieved

  • Recruited a diverse board of artists and professionals

  • Written Strategic Business Plan and Terms of Reference

  • Registered trade name, society, & bylaws

  • Incorporated on May 12, 2017 as a non-profit society

  • Undergone preliminary risks analysis and cost/analysis indicators

  • Hired grant specialist to assist in grants writing process

  • Designed a grant application strategy for project stages

  • Traveled across Canada to engage in a benchmarking study of 7 arts and cultural centres

  • Presented to the City of Leduc on multiple occasions, as well as the Leduc Parks, Recreation & Culture Board, and Leduc/ Beaumont MLA Honorable Shaye Anderson

  • Hosted two open houses to engage and update stakeholders

  • Engaged in a Feasibility Study of multiple potential land locations and received the first drafts of potential building layouts